Cowtown Express is able to handle all your commercial shipping and delivery needs throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding cities.

Flatbed trailer load for delivery

Cowtown Express flatbed truck and trailer loaded for delivery

Our professional drivers and fleet of late model cargo vans, pickup trucks, box trucks with liftgates, semi-trailer trucks and flatbed trucks are ready to get your freight from point-A to point-B as you need it and when you need it.


Odd shaped freight? Lumber, Plywood, Gypsum products, Building materials, Roofing materials, Steel, Pipe, Rebar, Beams, Rock and Paper?

Cowtown Express has the perfect solution with our flatbed trucks and trailers. Pick the best option for your needs:

  • 53′ X 102″ flatbed trailers that can haul up to 48,000 lbs.
  • 48′ X 102″ flatbed trailers that can haul up to 48,000 lbs.
  • Step deck to accommodate tall freight.


Cowtown Truck and Trailer

Cowtown Express Truck with Long Freight Trailer

With our equipment, Cowtown Express can scale      48,000 lbs. as well as handle wide loads. And you can  be confident your freight will remain safe, secure and  dry. Our standard equipment includes tarps, chains,    straps, and corner    protectors, and Cowtown Express  employs only  highly-qualified drivers who are trained  to securely  strap your materials and utilize tarps as  necessary.




Call us at 817.590.8686 about your flatbed freight.


full truck load dry van

Cowtown Express Semi-trailer fleet uses day cab and sleeper trucks and dry, secure 53-foot and 57-foot trailers

For your larger loads, Cowtown Express has multiple 53′ x 102″ wide trailers that can hold up to 26 normal sized pallets (40″ x 48″) on the floor.

Additionally, Cowtown will drop off a trailer, allowing its clients to load the trailer at their work flow schedule.

Cowtown caters to multiple trailer moves as needed and can even bring a new trailer to your business. For future deliveries, Cowtown Express can house a product in their warehouse as well.


We have a dedicated crew of company drivers that only operate our Box Truck Delivery Services.

Our box trucks all have liftgates that can lift up to 1,500 lbs. and lower up to 2,000 lbs. These trucks are also capable of having a forklift or pallet jack load them at dock height.

If you have a single pallet or up to twelve pallets (totaling no greater than 16,000 lbs.) then our Box Truck Delivery Services are perfect for picking up and delivering your commercial freight throughout our delivery area in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Many of our customers employ our box trucks and our semi-trailers depending on the specifics of the load. It’s just one more way that Cowtown Express has become the only local freight company that they need.

Call us at 817.590.8686 about your commercial freight delivery needs.


When you choose Cowtown Express for your wide, long, or irregular size load transportation needs, you can be sure that your freight will be handled with the utmost care and that your trucking service will be completed in a timely professional manner.

Cowtown Oversized Trailer & Freight

Cowtown Express over sized  trailer with freight

Because of our driver’s extensive experience with completing a variety of oversized load transport services for a wide type of equipment and freight, we understand the safety needs and the necessary regulations to get your freight or equipment to its’ proper destination. We will acquire the proper permits and plan the most appropriate route, acquire all safety equipment, schedule and coordinate pick up and drop off to eliminate all hassles for you.

Wide, Long or Irregular Loads

Because of the special requirements required for oversized loads, many carriers cannot effectively provide this service. In addition, this experience can be complex and difficult for many customers, let us take the worry of your oversized load shipping and you can be confident your freight transportation needs will exceed expectation.

We can expertly plan and coordinate your oversized load shipment in a short amount of time and get your freight on the road to its planned destination.


Call us at 817.590.8686 about your Over Sized freight